2wire Technology Fire Alarm

2-8zone 2wire Technology Fire Alarm Control Panel

The TWINFLEXpro two wire fire alarm system incorporating the Multipoint ASD combined smoke and heat detector with optional built-in sounder and strobe, allows the whole system to be easily installed using only one pair of wires per zone.


  • 2, 4 & 8 zones

  • upto a 40% saving on installation costs

  • Complies to BS5839 and EN54

  • upto 72hours standby battery capacity

  • upto 32 devices per zone

  • LCD Display

  • Keyswitch activation for controls

  • 2x monitored sounder circuits

  • Programmable inputs

  • Programmable options for HMO BS5839-6

  • Upto 8 repeater panels

We have been installing the Twinflex Pro in the Costa Coffee stores that we have been involve with since 2013

Twinflex pro call point sounders interface unit
Twinflex Pro control panel
Twinflex Pro ASD Detector

Repeater Panel

The repeater panels are small remote displays units that can be connected to the 4 & 8zone Twinflex Pro control panels, via an RS485 data link. Maximum of 8 repeaters panel can be connected to a single control panel 

Featuring everything you would expect

  • connects to 4 & 8 zone Twinflex Pro panel

  • Maximum of 8 repeater panels per single Twinflex Pro panel

  • LCD display

  • Silence Alarms, Reset, Sound Alarms and Silence Buzzer Controls

  • Keyswitch activation for controls

Twinflex Pro repeater panel