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Radio Fire Rising High

Commfire has just completed its latest project for TOG (The Office Group) new 13 story offices at Lyric Square, Hammersmith.

This was a challenging project as we inherited a NEW radio fire alarm system which had over 200 faults.

Following our survey visits and meetings with the Building contractor - Parkeray and electrical contractor - Southbourne Electrical, and advise from the fire alarm manufacturer - Electro Detectors (EDA), we submitted a proposal to correct the inherited faults and increase the system with the addition of over 130 detectors and interface units.

Over a period of 5weeks we rectified ALL the faults and recommissioned the fire alarm system with the additional devices and special cause and effect programming for smoke vent systems, lift grounding and plant shutdown.

At the time of composing this Blog the fire alarm system as been fault free and false alarm free for over 5weeks, and we have just been instructed to add additional combined smoke/sounder detectors into alter office layouts.

For more information regarding radio fire alarm system, click here

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